Obituary for Christ’s Hospital Old Blues Magazine – Timothy John Bloomfield 23rd August 1961 – 23rd December 2015

CH Photo

Tim at Christs Hospital in the 1970’s



How do you write an obituary of your oldest friend? Tim and I first met 43 years ago, in the Barnes B dayroom – both frightened children about to embark on the rollercoaster ride of life at CH. Right from the start Tim exuded an academic confidence – a quiet industry that marked him out – alongside a hopeless disinclination for sports (except croquet in later years, he was lethal with a mallet!) – all wrapped up in a quicksilver wit. I loved making him laugh then – a chuckle full of loving mischief – and loved doing so even up to his death.

Tim was also a talented pianist – something I admired and envied, and one of life’s natural organisers – he ran the Verrio Guides at CH. When he became House Captain of Middleton A, his senior house – it was no surprise. Likewise the Scholarship to read Russian and French at Hertford College, Oxford – where I followed him a year later, to read English (albeit with terrible A level Grades, whereas his had been stellar). After University he joined Ernst & Young, where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. He spent considerable time in Moscow, where he held a senior position, before going to Kiev to oversee their expansion. He also worked for the Red Cross in Bangladesh and Romania, before finally settling at Data Explorers in the City.

Our lives mirrored each other in so many ways – and I was delighted to see him find happiness with his beloved Jonathan. Their marriage on the 28th November was a joyful occasion, full of a sweet brave happiness all of us could share despite his illness. And after his death, I scattered Love Hearts in his coffin, the sort we would buy in the Tuck Shop – as if we were two little boys again, meeting for the very first time.

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