I’m a Writer

I love telling stories, to confront my hopes and fears, and to explore what happens when  my characters are confronted with the possibility of change.

Chekhov wrote,

The point of drama is not to provide answers, but to frame the questions correctly.

My hope is to find ways to ask those fascinating questions.

I have written historical drama, biographical drama, adaptations, radio drama, screenplays, episodes of TV series, and of serials, and stage plays. I have written to commission and sold my own original ideas.

If you have an idea come and talk to me. Perhaps we can find a way of framing those questions together?


Nicholas has written over 30 episodes of THE BILL (Freemantle, 1987- 2009), episodes of ALWAYS & EVERYONE and GEMS (Granada/Freemantle).


He has written over 30 radio plays, including two series of HOW TO HAVE A PERFECT MARRIAGE.
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He has had over 15 stage plays produced, the most recent being THE INCREDIBLE DOCTOR GUTTMANN (2012) which was toured in Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire and Gloucestershire, to coincide with the Paralympics.
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He has two film scripts commissioned (PARAMOUNT/BBC) and sold two original ideas to Independent TV Companies.

Artistic Collaboration

He was one of eight playwrights chosen to initiate the LoNyLa network (2011) in which a transatlantic lab linked London, New York and Los Angeles via live video streaming.

Photo – ‘Pasant Theatre seats‘ by Wharton Center. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.