What do Writer’s do after they have finished a script and send it off?

They wait. They wait for a response from a theatre, a literary manager, an agent, or that competition they entered into, or that friend of a friend who knows someone who might read it…

We wait and wait and wait.

But what if you wrote something in a couple of hours that was performed almost immediately, by two actors. David Hare has said that for a writer no time is ever wasted in the rehearsal room. Imagine what you could learn from the experience of responding to a precise writer’s brief, and creating a piece of Smash ‘n’ Grab drama right in front of your eyes?

That’s exactly what I propose.

A days workshop – from 10am to 6pm, under my guidance, during which you will write a short, self contained piece of drama that will form part of a longer narrative. That will then be given a page in hand performance by two actors – and an immediate reaction from fellow writers, performers and myself. You will walk away with a crib sheet of your strengths as a writer, and what you could focus on to improve.

DATE: SATURDAY 18th June 2015
VENUE: 22 Clapton Square, London E5 8HP (Hackney Central, 38, 243 Bus)
CONTACT – Nicholas McInerny –

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