1999 Tim with Hannah McInerny

(QB with Hannah – 1999)


This is the first blog on my brand new website. I know, I know – it has taken an age for me to take the plunge. Wise words from those who want to see me prosper have kick started me into action – for that I am extremely grateful. Thank you Stevie, thank you Andy H and most of all thank you to my husband, Jordan. My reluctance held me back – or perhaps an uncharacteristic reticence.

Because I couldn’t help thinking about my audience. Who, exactly, would want to read what I have to say? What, exactly, would I say? In the tsunami of words that pour out of glowing screens that cover the earth like stars, how on earth would I get noticed? Shine brightly enough, or even shine at all?

Then my dear sweet friend, Tim – Queen Bee (QB) – died just before Christmas, on December 23rd after a two year battle against stage4 ColonRectal cancer that decided to gallop through his body and steal it away. He was my oldest friend, we met at school over 43 years ago. We shared memories that I now whisper into emptiness. I live in a past that is now curiously more alive for me today, even as he faded away. The time we shared hearbeats, laughter, confusion and kindness.

He once told me, slightly weary of some self pitying comment of mine, that we were put on earth ‘To make discoveries about ourselves’. I have always remembered it. It was true then, and is true now, and will be so for the rest of my days.

So this blog is my dedication to him, and to our friendship, which survived all things. It will also be my way of making discoveries, and sharing them with you, whoever you may be.

Goodbye, Tim (22/8/1961 to 23/12/2016)

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